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Two-step verification means you have to verify 2 times to log into Gmail, which is quite useful for Gmail users. After registering for Gmail, users need protect their account by enabling the two-step verification mode.

Two-step verification mode helps you to secure your Gmail account. Once enabling this mode, you have to go through 2 steps of verification to log into your account. Then, how to enable two-step verification mode? Please refer to the following article.



Step 1: Log into Gmail, go to your account, click on the symbol as in the image below, click on Account.


Step 2: In the interface appearing, switch to Security tab, click on Setup in the 2-step Verification item.


Step 3: Click Start setup


Step 4: A window appears, enter your password then hit Sign in to log into your Gmail account again.


Step 5: Enter your phone number into Phone number item

In How should we send you codes item, there are 2 options for you to choose how to get a verification code to access your Gmail account in next times: Text message (SMS): Get code via SMS sent to your phone; Voice call: Get the code through automated telephone operator of Google.

You will tick on 1 selection in How should we send you codes (Here I select Text message SMS), and click Send Code


Step 6: After you click Send code, your phone will receive a message containing the code. Enter it into Enter verification code and hit Verify.


Step 7: Confirm whether the computer you are using is reliable or not in the next interface.

In Verification codes on this computer item, if the computer is reliable and often used to access your Gmail account, you can tick the Trust this computer, and every time you sign in to Gmail on this computer, you will not have to enter code from the phone to verify step 2. However, other computers still need 2-step verification as usual.

Finally click Next


Step 8: Hit Confirm to complete enabling 2-step verification mode


Trick: However, if you lose your phone or it does not receive a message containing code from Google due to out of battery or being damaged, etc, Google also provides a backup. 10 backup codes will be substituted for 2-step verification steps (randomly use 1 of 10 codes). Select Show backup codes to see this code.


The Print backup verification codes window displays 10 backup codes, save it for convenience when using.


And the interface of 2-step verification by entering code sent to your phone to log in your Gmail account will look like:


We’ve just guided you how to activate the 2-step verification in Gmail so that your Gmail account will be absolutely protected. Alternatively, you can refer to other articles like “Change current phone number into another one to set as 2-step security or How to block spam in Gmail, etc” to use Gmail more effectively.

Good luck!