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Once upon a time, artists were said to be “starving” because many more entered the profession than the market actually required. Those times are long gone. Today, artists are in constant demand to keep up with the graphics, photos, and content internet users churn through daily. If you’re a visual artist looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace, you may want to consider a career in Moving Images. It is a challenging field, but also a rewarding one.

Working with Moving Images entails mastering a broad range of modern technologies. Computer-generated imagery, or CGI, can include a variety of types of pictures including static images, dynamic pictures, 2D renderings, and 3D models. The results can be used for a myriad of applications, including simulators, advertisements, films, video games, and printed media. Obviously, these skills are in demand in the current marketplace. Talented workers in this field are well compensated for their troubles as a result.

The key to making a name for yourself in this field is originality, a challenge when the internet is already full of depictions of many things by many other people. Many artists enjoy this aspect of their career, even if it is among the most challenging things about it. Your own creativity can really shine through, especially if you are working with CGI. The medium is new, leaving plenty of space available for individual exploration. Technology is also evolving in the space, so ideas barely conceivable today will be possible to make into reality a few years down the line. There is no limit to what you may be able to create with CGI.

Creativity, planning, and execution are the most essential traits of a Moving Images professional, as even smartphones can take high resolution shots with current technology. Crispness alone is no longer enough to support a career. Innovation is the fuel upon which the industry runs. If your friends cannot believe some of the ideas that pop into your head, you may be a good candidate for this challenging yet rewarding position.

If you enjoy reinventing the wheel, a career in Moving Images may be for you. The compensation is more than fair, and artists are frequently fulfilled by the amount of creativity and innovation they are allowed to put into their work. This career choice is especially appealing if you also love working with technology, as CGI entails working with a lot of it!