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S235JR steel is a common structural steel used mainly for constructions, as it is easy to work, moreover it is also particularly suitable for parts of machines that are not subjected to constant bending. Steels of this type are ideal to be used for general use, as they are characterized by good weld ability and used for civil and industrial carpentry sectors.

Thanks to the new regulation (EN10025) each material has in its acronym the specific reference to the yielding of the material and no longer to the breaking load. To understand this concept it is good to explain what is meant by yield stress or yield point of a ductile material: it indicates the tension relative to the point where the material starts to deform plastically and passes from a reversible elastic state to a plastic state. There are also cases of multi-axial fatigue, in which the yield point indicates the combination of the stress components: infinite yield points describe in the stress space a surface called yield surface.

In the specific case of S235jr steel, the code indicates that the steel has a yield strength of 235 N / mm2. To characterize this type of metal there are also different degrees of supply which, thanks to the material of which they are composed maintain the same elastic limit, even if they possess particular characteristics, such as resistance to atmospheric agents.

This leads us to understand how in the case of S235jr steel the chemical composition is fundamental for the performance of the material and for the situations in which it is used.

Properties of the steel

S235JR steel is a non-alloy steel particularly suitable for cold forming, they are easily foldable and can reduce welding costs when the thickness is reduced to a minimum.

Among the other properties of s235jr steel there is certainly that relating to the excellent strength / weight ratio, which allows to create structures not only resistant but also light, but due to the high slenderness can be quite unstable and at the same time subject to corrosion.

 Materials of this kind are often prepared in the workshop before being transported to the building site, since they can be completely dismantled and recycled, ensuring greater sustainability and maintenance. The s235jr steel is not resistant to fire, precisely because based on the chemical properties that compose it, the increase in temperature causes the loss of the mechanical characteristics of the material and therefore the lack of resistance.

It is used in various fields

S235JR steel plays a decidedly important role in the mechanical constructions, which depends above all on the resistance and not on the composition. The S235jr is a material that with the recent legislation has changed only the name and was known as the famous Fe360.

Specifically the S235jr steel in addition to being included among the construction steel, which can be used for particular types of machines that undergo little stress, is a highly forgeable material, used mainly for parts that do not undergo important bending.

Thanks to the characteristics of the steel s235jr it can be used in civil engineering, structural and metal structures, various carpentry, common tanks, operating machines and much more.