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Marketing is not easy in these days because many of the retailers are not able to satisfy the customer. As all of us know very well that in this century there is a huge crowd in the marketing. Therefore, retailers need to take various steps to attract the customers. Every customer try to find the product which should be different from other products and for fulfilling this particular need of customer digital signage is best among all.



Customer need the product which can fulfill their needs related to room. And for that QL is the best among all. QL is management software that creates the system fully automated and there will not be any interference of human being. It looks very attractive in this era that in our room or home everything is automatic because every customer need mere and more comfort.


While launching any software in market every programmer know the attributes of market. Similarly, transportation industry is the main attribute of the digital signage. For information display system digital signage is used by the transportation industry. The flight information system is used in airports for the benefit of passengers for showing them or display them flight information.

Digital Display

Navori QL is the individual software in the native companies which has the ability of running on outdoor as well as indoor.


The indoor mode of software can be run as the professional screen as well as consumer. The interested thing is that, it is made for all kind of locations. The indoor mode is constructed especially for hospitals, corporate employees and governmental place etc.

An external device like android or windows power can be connected through the software on indoor mode. QL player software is perfectly able to run as the HD mode. It has the versatile graphics on the screen and better direction for all kind of videos.

The professional system called as the System on chip like Sony, Panasonic and Phillips etc. The remote feature makes this much reliable in every situation. The self diagnostic system gives the feeling of tension free work that’s a luxury features in this software.


The design of the display is reliable in every aspect of open environment like, it is confineable in the brightest scene and able to visible even in the daylight. The technology which is used in this incredible display is really awesome and cool.

The technology used to make the LCD light is generally not sufficient to gives the better brightness and clarity in the daylight or sun light. But, Navori QL software has the best technology which gives the best performance. The display is capable to support many devices option like Android and Windows.

QL Software has the same features on both the devices like android and windows. The best thing in the QL software is that, it has the ability to give the smooth experience on the load-server.