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When do you know that your knife is perfectly sharp? If your answer is never, then you are right. A knife can never be too sharp, especially if you use it on your daily tasks in your kitchen. If you are a chef who likes to cook amazing food, you are surely in love with your best knife. It can cut your food perfectly and can help you obtain the structure and taste you want.

But how do you maintain a knife sharp? The answer is simple: by sharpening it regularly. From this article, you will learn the three most popular ways to sharpen a knife and after reading it, you will never complain again about the sharpness of your blades.

Here are the 3 ways to sharpen a knife:

  1. Use a sharpening steel

If you ever saw your father or your grandfather sliding knives against some long rods that made strange noises, you surely know what sharpening steels do. This is a manual tool that consists of a sturdy handle and a metal stick that has a cylindrical shape. Also, its surface has deformations in order to provide an abrasive surface for the blade.

Sharpening steels are easy to use. However, if you are a beginner, you should pay attention to the angle of the blade when sharpening it and to the position of your hands and fingers in order to avoid any accident.

What you have to do when using a sharpening steel is to maintain a 45-degree angle of the blade and cross-slide it against the rod, with smooth, slow motions. You don’t have to move fast in order to sharpen the blade. Once you get used to it, sharpening a knife will become a breeze.

  1. Use a coffee mug

So your knife needs honing and you don’t have any sharpening tools available? Then all you need to do is find a mug or a plate with a coarse bottom. Usually, ceramic and porcelain mugs and plates have coarse circles underneath.

Clean the knife and turn the mug or plate upside down. Form a 20-degree angle with the blade of the knife when positioning it on the coarse surface. Then sweep it across the grit several times, maintaining a stable position of the knife. Also, pay attention to the way you hold the blade in order to avoid cuts.

Observe the blade under natural light after a few sweeps and insist if the edge isn’t perfect.

  1. Use a diamond stone

The diamond stone’s use is very similar to the previous method. However, it is more efficient and unlike the mug or plate, which can be used only to hone a blade, it can prove its effectiveness with dull knives, too. An alternative to the diamond stone is the whetstone, which must usually be sunk in water or oil.

To sharpen a knife using this technique, clean the knife and place its base on the stone, the sharp side facing down. Slide the blade towards you, alternating sides and doing a cross motion, while also alternating the position of your fingers.

You should maintain a 45-degree angle or another angle that will help you obtain a blade for your needs.

Try one of these methods to sharpen your knives and enjoy a happier cutting experience.